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Poker - About Emotions

Playing poker online requires a player to keep his or her focus and to carefully make a great deal of important decisions. Sometimes, though, the excitement or intensity of a game can overwhelm a player. If a player's emotions compromise his or her focus, the player is said to be experiencing online poker tilt. Very similar situation to this happens when people place live online sports bets. The odds and real-life circumstances can change in a matter of seconds, and so people tend to make "impulse bets". To avoid this problem take a look at this site here.

Some Causes of Online Poker Tilt

There are a number of things that can cause a player to tilt in poker. Players can grow frustrated if they lose a number of hands in a row, causing the player to make hasty decisions. A player may start betting more or less based on the excitement of the game. Getting caught up in a rapidly growing pot, the tilting player will bet more than he or she can afford or may bet inappropriately for the cards he or she actually holds.

How to Avoid the Online Poker Tilt

Players can avoid tilting in online poker by keeping a firm grasp of their emotions. When things at the table get exciting, the player should take a moment to pause and think about each bet. If a player is consistently losing hands, he or she should be aware that getting upset and betting more or less aggressively will not change the game for the better. By keeping cool and calmly assessing each hand independently, a player can resist the pitfalls that accompany online poker tilt.

In order to do well at poker, a player should always control his or her emotions and make decisions carefully and logically. Players who let the betting get away from them are only likely to lose in the end.