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Poker - Cheating at Casinos

Cheating is never something that should be tolerated. The biggest threat to players online, though, does not come from other players, but from the casinos themselves. While most casinos who attempt to game the system and cheat at online poker face immediate repercussions from licensing companies, cheating still takes place on a fairly regular basis. Players should be aware of how this cheating takes place and should be prepared to report such tactics.

How Casinos Cheat Their Players

Sadly, too many online casino websites exist only as fronts for criminal organizations. They lure in players with promises of huge potential winnings, but then they never pay out. Some of these casinos will set up ringers who enter into games with players and will consistently be given much higher hands. Others will feed information about other players' hands to a single player, and then take a larger cut of that player's winnings.

How to Spot a Cheater

There are a few ways that players can spot a casino that is trying to cheat them out of their money. First, players should evaluate how much of a cut the casino is already taking out of the games. If that amount seems to be unnecessarily high, players might do better to avoid that particular casino. Players should also be aware if a single player seems to perform over and beyond the other players, either by reading them more effectively or by receiving better hands.

If players find a casino that is cheating or looking the other way when it comes to cheating players, they should immediately report this activity to the casino's jurisdictional licensing board. Dishonest activity should and does cost casinos business and income.