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Poker - Stop Loss Strategy

Players who have used more typical poker strategies in the past but are still concerned with their win rate should consider the stop loss poker strategy. It helps to manage player bankrolls and helps ease tension associated with losing.

Stop Loss Benefits

Like any other good poker strategy, the stop loss strategy has several benefits. These include bankroll management, longer playtime when winning, knowing when to quit playing, getting players familiar with losses of all sizes and even protecting players mentally when they suffer a losing streak. Though these may not seem like great ways to improve win rate, this often happens as a by-product once players are more confident in the face of losing.

The Drawbacks

When players apply the stop loss strategy, they will sometimes be required to pull out of a game just when it seems like they are getting ahead. This may result in less profit due to less overall playtime, but it will help save money. Most of the drawbacks associated with the strategy will be overcome statistically on their own in due time, but those new to it may feel a bit awkward applying it--at least for the first few sessions.

Using the Strategy

The stop loss strategy basically states that players should only stop playing poker when their opponents are on a huge losing streak, when players feel tired or distraught or when players are suffering a losing streak of their own. It goes along with other strategies that deter players from chasing losses and getting too confident if they are ahead of the game.

The stop loss strategy is certainly one that is more psychological than mathematical, but there are still some good principles to apply. Over time, players will notice their concentration improving and their mood barely fluctuating, regardless of whether they are winning or losing.